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    Identification and molecular characterization circovirus2 and parvovirus in pigs from teritory Republic of Srpska, BIH [1]
    Identification and molecular characterization of equine herpesviruses [1]
    Identification and phylogenetic analysis of norovirus detected in mussels (Mytilus galloprovincialis) from the aspect of food safety [1]
    Identification of the mechanisms of resistance and potential cross resistance of Listeria monocytogenes upon adaptation to different antimicrobials [1]
    Identifikacija i filogenetska analiza norovirusa poreklom iz dagnji (Mytilus galloprovincialis) sa aspekta bezbednosti hrane [1]
    Identifikacija i molekularna karakterizacija cirkovirusa 2 i parvovirusa kod svinja sa teritorije Republike Srpske, BIH [1]
    Identifikacija i molekularna karakterizacija herpesvirusa konja [1]
    Immune response of breeding layers after application of recombinant vector and modified live vaccines against infectious bursal disease [1]
    Immunophenotyping of mononuclear cell infiltrate in swine liver naturally infected with hepatitis E virus [1]
    Impact of differnet inorganic phosphorus sourecs in broilers feed on production performances and bone mineralization [1]
    Implementation of classical, molecular biological and immunoenzymatic methods in isolation, detection and characterization of bacteria of the genus Listeria [1]
    Imunski odgovor koka nosilja u odgoju nakon primene rekombinantne vektorske i živih modifikovanih vakcina protiv infektivne burzalne bolesti [1]
    Influence of colostral antibodes on immunity of piglets vaccinated against classical swine fiver [1]
    Influence of different quantities of organic selenium on performances and meat quality of broilers [1]
    Influence of environmental factors and conditions of artisanal cheeses production on the dynamic of development and enterotoxin synthesis in population of coagulase-positive Staphylococci [1]
    Influence of Hellebores Ingredients (Helleborus odorus Waldst. et Kit.) on Hematological Parameters, Acute Phase Proteins and Neutrophil Granulocytes Functions in Rats [1]
    Influence of marination on Salmonella spp. growth in broiler meat [1]
    Insulin resistance in holstein dairy cows during the dry period and early lactation [1]
    Insulinska rezistencija kod krava Holštajn rase tokom perioda zasušenja i rane laktacije [1]
    Investigating the possibilities of using superoxide dismutase 1 isoenzyme forms as biomarkersfor intensities of parasitic infections in sheep [1]