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    Improving the models of engagement of emergency teams in chemical accidents caused by transport of dangerous goods [1]
    Influence of international security actors on reformulating the national security of Western Balkan countries [1]
    Islamic fundamentalism and protection of the state (comparative case study - North Caucasus and Western Balkans) [1]
    Managing external situations related to fire risk in the Republic of Serbia. [1]
    Opportunities of using functional systems of the republic of serbia in defense of the country [1]
    Optimization of fire risk management models in the institutions for the enforcement of criminal sanctions in the Republic of Serbia [1]
    Parliamentary control of the security sector in the republic of Serbia [1]
    Place and role of the OSCE in police reform in the Republic of Serbia and countries of former Yugoslavia [1]
    Politics of crisis management in cities - examples of Serbia [1]
    Protection of business information in the function of national security [1]
    Regional security and the theory of realism: Arctic case study [1]
    Safety aspects of critical infrastructure functioning in emergencies [1]
    Security challenges, rysks and threats of illegal migration [1]
    Security implications of the process of globalization after the Cold war [1]
    Security management of public assemblies [1]
    Security of Montenegro in the process of joining NATO [1]
    Security threat of terrorism in modern conditions in the Republic of Serbia [1]
    Separateness of information operations in the work of modern-day intelligence services [1]
    Southeast Europe Security- constant of NATO strategic concepts [1]
    Sustainable media management in social conflicts and crisis [1]