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    Consumerism and environmental problems in teaching natural and social sciences [1]
    Continuity in developing children's skills for independent learning at preschool and primary school age [1]
    Development potential and usage modalities of handmade toys at preschool age [1]
    Interactive teaching of mathematics in younger grades of primary school [1]
    Interaktivna nastava matematike u mlađim razredima osnovne škole [1]
    Methodological approach to historical fairy tale in younger grades of primary school [1]
    Methodological approaches in the acquisition of morphological word forms [1]
    Professional education of the teachers in function of the change management in the development of teaching processes [1]
    Realistic mathematics In teaching and learning elementary geometry [1]
    Significance of preventive exercises for developing motor abilities and morphological characteristics of lower classes primary school students [1]
    Syntactic analysis of sentence in junior grades of primary school [1]
    Teaching literary theory in lower primary school [1]
    The influence of modern teaching media onto the quality of direct communication in teaching nature and society [1]
    The methodical approach to epic folk poems with gospel motives [1]
    The role of a fine art work in the education of preschool and school children. [1]
    The role of multimedia in science and nature teaching [1]
    The role of project model of work in science teaching [1]
    The role of the textbooks in the process of acquiring music literacy in lower grades of primary school students [1]
    А methodolocical function of Novi Pazar area songs in teaching primary music literacy of lower grades of a primary school [1]
    Значај превентивних вежбања за развој моторичких способности и морфолошких карактеристика код ученика млађих разреда основне школе [1]