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    A structure-property relationship study of bent-core liquid crystals with pyridine as the central unit. [1]
    A study of photodegradation of arylazo pyridone dyes [1]
    A study on antimicrobial efficiency of textile materials modified with silver nanoparticles [1]
    Absorption properties enhancement of the photoanode with titanium dioxide nanotubes by deposition of cadmium sulfide via different techniques [1]
    Acilovani derivati pektina: synthesis, characterization and applicative potential. [1]
    Activity coefficients of ternary aqueous solutions of electrolytes with common potassium ion at T = 298.15 K. [1]
    Acylated derivatives of pectin: synthesis, characterization and applicative potential [1]
    Adhesion properties of UV-curing methacrylate - alumina particles composite films for use in dentristy [1]
    Adheziona svojstva fotopolimerizujućih kompozitnih filmova na bazi metakrilata i čestica aluminijum oksida za primenu u stomatologiji [1]
    Adsorpcija jona bakra iz rudničkih otpadnih voda na različitim mineralnim adsorbentima [1]
    Adsorption of copper ions from mining Wastewater using different mineral adsorbents [1]
    Agricultural and industrial waste as a substrate for cellulase and amylase production by novel bacterial strain Paenibacillus chitinolyticus CKS1. [1]
    Antimicrobial activity of surface activated sorbents modified by metal ions. [1]
    Antimirkobno dejstvo površinskih aktiviranih sorbenata modifikovanih jonima metala [1]
    Antioksidativna aktivnost ekstrakata kafe i njihov uticaj na aktivaciju trombocita [1]
    Antioksidativne osobine frakcija dobijenih iz odabranih biljaka familije Lamiaceae postupkom natkritične ekstrakcije [1]
    Application of 7C2C5 monoclonal antibody in the development of ELISAs for the detection of Trichinella infection and for the isolation of parasite components that carry an immunodominant epitope [1]
    Application of artificial neural networks for modelling oxygen parameters of surface water quality [1]
    Application of macroporous resin and cellulose based materials modified with iron oxides for arsenic removal [1]
    Application of new polymer-clay nanocomposite materials in purification of water containing phenol derivatives. [1]