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    Specifičnosti humoralne imunosti kod obolelih od rekurentnih oralnih ulceracija [1]
    Stanje oralnog zdravlja u dece obolele od dijabetesa melitusa tip 1 u Crnoj Gori [1]
    Telomere kao faktor genomske nestabilnosti kod oralnih planocelularnih karcinoma [1]
    Telomeres as contributing factors of genome instability in oral squamous cell carcinomas [1]
    The analysis of the status of oral health for young heroin addicts and their impact on their quality of life [1]
    The effect of amelogenin, growth factors and new nanostructured materials based on calcium silicate cements on pulp regeneration [1]
    The evaluation of efficiency of the photodynamic therapy in peri-implantitis [1]
    The evaluation of post orthodontic treatment stability during retention with essix type retainers- 3D analysis [1]
    The impact of bimaxilly correction of mandibular prognathismus on the position of condylar processus of lower jaw [1]
    The influence of age, estrogen status and carotid atherosclerosis on dental pulp blood flow [1]
    The influence of different non-surgical chronic periodontitis treatment modalites on salivary oxidative stress markers and antioxidants [1]
    The influence of different types of suture materials and degree of their microbial colonization on the healing of oral surgical wounds [1]
    The influence of RUNX2 and WNT10A gene mutations on tooth number and size [1]
    The possibilites of prevention of oral diseases in children with epidermolysis bullosa dystrophica [1]
    The significance of vascular endothelial growth factor and bone morphogenetic protein-2 in reparative abilities of healthy and diabetic dental pulp [1]
    The state of oral health in children with diabetess mellitus type 1 in Montenegro [1]
    The therapeutic modalities examination in controlling the radiation mucositis of the postresectional defects of the orofacial region cancer [1]
    The use of cone beam computed tomography in the assessment of periodontal therapy outcome [1]
    Udruženost poliformizma gena TLRs 2,3,4 i CD14 kod bolesnika sa oralnim lihen planusom (OLP) [1]
    Uporedna analiza uspešnosti stabilizacionog splinta i farmakoterapije u osoba sa temporomandibularnim disfunkcijama [1]