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    A contribution to defining the parking policy depending on the level of service in the traffic network [1]
    A fuzzy stochastic model for rail freight car fleet sizing [1]
    A model for universal service provider resource optimization based on maesuring the efficiency of postal services providing [1]
    A new model for developing capacity expansion strategies [1]
    Airline fleet planning model [1]
    Airport airside balanced capacity usage and planning [1]
    Analytical metods for calculation of Danubian vessels' performance characteristics in order to improve navigation [1]
    Balansirano korišćenje kapaciteta i planiranje razvoja elemenata aerodroma [1]
    Choice of signal timing for traffic control by bee colony optimization [1]
    Contribution to the development of the vehicle fleet maintenance management [1]
    Contribution to the methodology for transport policy impact assessment on road transport of goods [1]
    Contribution to the research of port terminal capacities [1]
    Contribution to the traffic process analysis at signalized intersections [1]
    Developing and improving the method for measuring the level of traffic safety at the territory [1]
    Development and improvement of methods for self-assessment of the behavior of participants in traffic and transport [1]
    Development of maintenance model choice method in function of increased aircraft fleet availability [1]
    Development of methodology for the selection of routes for the movement of vehicles transporting dangerous goods in terms of risk management [1]
    Development of models for order picking area selection and design [1]
    Disruption management in transportation by bee colony optimization metaheuristic [1]
    Doprinos metodologiji ocene uticaja saobraćajne politike na drumski transport robe [1]