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    A business intelligence system for mine safety management [1]
    Availability concept in defining of the efficent auxiliary equipment maintenance in surface mining. [1]
    Badenian bivalves of the southeastern fringe of Panonian Basin (Central Paratethys) [1]
    Badenske školjke jugoistočnog oboda Panonskkog basena (Centralni Paratetis) [1]
    Bucket wheel excavators boom length optimization in function of slopes stability and effectiveness of operation on the Serbian lignite open cast mines [1]
    Constitutive relations of landfill municipal waste in Serbia [1]
    Coupled neural networks and numeric models for flyrock safe distance definition [1]
    Crystallographic study of the structural dissymmetrization of the garnets of grossullar-andradite isomorphous series. [1]
    Definisanje parametara čvrstoće na smicanje kod izvođenja kosina u ispucalom stenskom masivu [1]
    Development of a modelling for openings in the underground mines [1]
    Development of algorithm for risk assessment of mining equipment operations based on fuzzy algebra [1]
    Development of methodology for groundwater source protection based on vulnerability mapping [1]
    Effect of galena grain size on flotation kinetics [1]
    Efficiency of Different Types of Clays from Serbia for Adsorption of Methylene Blue. [1]
    Efikasnost različitih tipova glina Srbije za adsorpciju metilen plavog [1]
    Electromagnetical coupling in lithosphere-atmosphere-ionosphere system [1]
    Elektromagnetska sprega sistema litosfera-atmosfera-jonosfera [1]
    Environmental management system modelling in mining and energy complexes. [1]
    Evaluation of HPP "Djerdap 1" backwaterr impact on the formation of groundwater regime in coastal areas of Danube. [1]
    Fuzzy stochastic model of underground development system selection. [1]