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    Bread and wine as Eucharistic sacrifice [1]
    Church in England in 8th century - theological and historical implications of the relationship with Rome and Frankish Empire [1]
    Eucharistic theology of St. Nicolas Cabasilas [1]
    Freedom - love - suffering : existentialism and christianity in dialogue [1]
    Genesis 2, 4b - 3, 24 in the light of Acadian literature [1]
    Historic-theological analysis of Serbian printed leitourgiars from the XVI century [1]
    Historical-canonic aspects of the relation between Karlovac ecclesiastical authority of Russian ortdodox church outside of Russia and Moscow Patriarchate [1]
    Liturgical-historical analysis of the influence of Archieraticons (NBS 640, Dec 135, MSPC Org 3- II-2, PB 21, Savina 7) and Liturgiars (MSPC Org 121, Museum of Rumjancs 401) of Raca's scriptors on the development of the liturgical order of the Serbian Church of the XVII and the first half of the XVIII century [1]
    Ontology and еthics in the light of Christology of St. Maximus the Confessor [1]
    Pope Gregory VII Hildebrand and his understanding of secular and spiritual authorities [1]
    Relational оntology of John Zizioulas [1]
    Religious policy of the Roman Empire 311-380 A. D [1]
    The christology of Saint Leo The Great and its implications for christian life today [1]
    The function of cathedral rite elements in the contemporary form of worship of the orthodox church : liturgiological analysis [1]
    The primacy of the bishop of Rome in the writings of J.-M. R. Tillard Possibility of reception Tillard’s theology of primacy in the dialogue between the Roman Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church [1]
    The relationship between spiritual and secular authorities in the era of iconoclasm in Byzantium [1]
    Theology as transcendental anthropology in the writings of Karl Rahner [1]
    Верска политика Римског Царства од 311-380. године [1]
    Евхаристијско богословље Светог Николе Кавасиле [1]
    Историјско-богословска анализа српских штампаних литургија из XVI вијека [1]