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    Legal status and protection of people with rare diseases - labour law, medico-legal and social protection aspects [1]
    Legal status of international civil servants [1]
    Liability for Damage due to Unwanted birth of a child (Wrongful birth) and Unwanted life of a child (Wrongful life) – Comparative legal review [1]
    Limits of legislative function of parliaments in modern states [1]
    Mandatory legal aid in criminal proceedings [1]
    Maritime law in Kotor and Dubrovnik by provisions of their statutes [1]
    Master's liability based on praepositio and iussum [1]
    Measures to secure the presence of defendant and unhidered conduct of criminal proceedings [1]
    Mortgage loan contract [1]
    Multy - party international litigation [1]
    Narrative function of law [1]
    National responsibility of the European Union in the light of the international law rules on the responsibility of international organizations [1]
    Necesities and possibilities of reforming competence and position of General Assembly in the institutional structure of the United Nations [1]
    New NATO-s strategic concept in light of International law [1]
    Obavezna odbrana u krivičnom postupku [1]
    Odgоvоrnоst zа štеtu zbоg nеžеlјеnоg rоđеnjа (wrongful birth) i zbоg nеžеlјеnоg živоtа (wrongful life) : upоrеdnоprаvni prеglеd [1]
    Patent protection of stem cells [1]
    Permissible restrictions on freedom of expression in conformity with European law and regulation and media legislation of the Republic of Serbia [1]
    Piercing the corporate veil in bankruptcy [1]
    Pre-accession assistance of the European Union to candidate countries for EU membership [1]