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    Criminological aspects of the exceeding and the abuse of police powers [1]
    Damages for breach of contract for international sale of goods [1]
    Deprivation and restriction of liberty by the police [1]
    Derivative claim : company law and civil procedural law analysis [1]
    Dworkin's critique of Hart's version of positivism [1]
    Economic analysis of alternative dispute resolution in civil matters [1]
    Economic analysis of legal regimes governing real estate property transfer in the Republic of Serbia [1]
    Employee's right to privacy and its protection [1]
    European convention on human rights and the right to life [1]
    European criminal law mechanisms and its influence on national legislations [1]
    European standards in biomedicine : right to integrity of the person [1]
    European standards of fairness in administrative legislation and jurisprudence [1]
    Evidence before the International Court of Justice [1]
    Extraordinary legal remedies in criminal proceedings [1]
    Garancija projektanta i graditelja za solidnost građevine i njihova imovinska odgovornost [1]
    Guarantees of the independence of constitutional courts judges [1]
    Harmonization of the regulations of the Republic of Serbia with the regulations of the European Union in the field of energy and environmental protection [1]
    Health and safety at work with a particular emphasis on protecting ratione personae [1]
    Human rights in contemporary policy of fighting organised crime [1]
    Human trafficking in the light of international law and the regulations of the Republic of Serbia [1]