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    The legal regime of limitation of risk in business of securities dealers [1]
    The legal system of the Danube banovina and the concepts of the state - legal status of Vojvodina 1929-1941. [1]
    The principle of participation in Latin American Federations [1]
    The relation between parliament and constitutional court in exercising and protection of constitutionality of law [1]
    The relationship between Church and State in the French legal system [1]
    The right to social pension in the system of social security rights [1]
    The role of arbitrability in the process of resolving disputes before an international commercial arbitration [1]
    The role of international organizations in the creation and functioning of Bosnia and Hercegovina established by the Dayton peace agreement [1]
    The role of the Sector for internal affairs of the Ministry of the interior in the pre-trial investigation [1]
    The status of public agencies in the system of separation of powers [1]
    Trademark law - from the protection of the informational function of a trademark to the protection of a trademark as a value in itself [1]
    VAT Fraud [1]
    Voluntary health insurance in Serbia : state and financial perspective [1]
    Witnesses protection in criminal procedure [1]
    Women's political rights in Serbia in the second half of the 20th century [1]
    Алкохолизам и наркоманија у селима Србије [1]
    Алтернативне кривичне санкције у кривичном праву Републике Србије [1]
    Аутономија права Европске уније у светлу новије праксе европских судова [1]
    Ванредни правни лекови у кривичном поступку [1]
    Гарантије независности судија уставних судова [1]