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    Application of the margin of appreciation doctrine in the jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights [1]
    Bans to conceive the employment relationship - legitimate goals and limitations [1]
    Belligerent occupation - regulation in international law [1]
    Bequests in archives of the Athonite monasteries (XIII-XV century) [1]
    Bona fides as a condition of usucapio in classical Roman law [1]
    Bona fides као услов узукапије у класичном римском праву [1]
    Characteristics and jurisprudence of the permanent arbitration court in the light of international public rights [1]
    Codes of professional and ethical conduct as a source of the labour law [1]
    Completion of criminal proceedings within reasonable time [1]
    Compliance of the damaged patient in the civil law [1]
    Compulsory health insurance and instruments of its financing in Republic of Serbia [1]
    Concentrations of undertakings in the Republic of Serbia with a review on European Union law [1]
    Condiction and unjust enrichment [1]
    Conflict of laws and jurisdiction stemming from reputation infringement of the Internet [1]
    Contractual inheritance between spouses [1]
    Contradictions of the low intensity conflict strategy and international law in the context of the conflicts in the SFRY. [1]
    Coordination and guidelines of economic policy in European Union [1]
    Corporate crime [1]
    Crimes against the rights and freedoms of person and citizen with elements of coercion [1]
    Criminal law reaction on terrorism [1]