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    Solidarnost dužnika u obligacionim odnosima [1]
    Solidary liability of debtors in obligations [1]
    Special legal regime of maritime liens [1]
    Specific legal nature of Bosnia and Herzegovina - sustainability of Dayton system [1]
    Specificities of proving cyber crime [1]
    Subjective element of a criminal offence in English law [1]
    Sukob zakona i nadležnosti koji proizlazi iz povrede reputacije putem interneta [1]
    The guarantee of the planner and the building constructor for the solidity of the building and their civil responsibility [1]
    The impact of the case practice of the Court of Justice of the European Union in the area of taxation : compatibility of the Montenegrin direct tax system with fundamental freedoms [1]
    The law of non-navigational uses of international watercourses in light of the principle of sustainable development [1]
    The legal aspects of the control and risk management in joint stock insurance company [1]
    The legal nature of the parliamentary mandate [1]
    The legal regime of limitation of risk in business of securities dealers [1]
    The legal system of the Danube banovina and the concepts of the state - legal status of Vojvodina 1929-1941. [1]
    The principle of participation in Latin American Federations [1]
    The relation between parliament and constitutional court in exercising and protection of constitutionality of law [1]
    The relationship between Church and State in the French legal system [1]
    The right to social pension in the system of social security rights [1]
    The role of arbitrability in the process of resolving disputes before an international commercial arbitration [1]
    The role of international organizations in the creation and functioning of Bosnia and Hercegovina established by the Dayton peace agreement [1]