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    Institutional framework for financial supervision in European Union [1]
    Institutional protection of human rights : (with special emphasis on the ombudsman institution) [1]
    Instruments in the fight against discrimination in the legal systems of South East European countries [1]
    International legal position and the importance of global sports organizations [1]
    International legal protection of minorities with special reference to the status of Serbs in former Yugoslav countries [1]
    International protection of the civilian population in armed conflicts [1]
    International standards in the field of criminal sanctions and measures for juvenile offenders [1]
    International-law aspects of the Jugoslavian crisis [1]
    Javno-privatna partnerstva u Evropskoj Uniji i Srbiji - razvoj modela, tržišta i zakonskog okvira [1]
    Judicial authority in the constitutional and legislative development of the Republic of Serbia [1]
    Juvenile custody sentence in criminal law of the Republic of Serbia [1]
    La protection des minorités [1]
    Labor disputes related to collective dismissal of employees and methods for dispute resolution [1]
    Labour and social courts - their role and justification for introducing such courts in the Serbian judicial system [1]
    Law on challenging of debtor's legal actions [1]
    Legal and historical analysis of the status and organization of the Athonite monastic community [1]
    Legal and international political aspects of interventions against Iraq 1991-2003. [1]
    Legal framework for the transfer of professional athletes [1]
    Legal interpretation in the context of Betti's hermeneutics as universal method of Geisteswissenschaften [1]
    Legal nature of the entitlement to the payment of the sum insured in the insurance of persons [1]