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    A methodology for redirected design of bus superstructures regarding their strength [1]
    Active and semi-active vibration damping of aircraft structural elements [1]
    Actual methods of application the new generation aircraft in the course of attacking moving targets in the air and on the ground [1]
    Aerodinamičko-strukturalna optimizacija uzgonskih površina letelica [1]
    Aerodynamic loads and optimization of wind turbine for specific wind resources on locations in Serbia [1]
    Aerodynamic-structural optimization of aircraft lifting surfaces [1]
    Aeroprofili za male Rejnoldsove brojeve. [1]
    Aktivno i aktivno-pasivno prigušenje vibracija strukturalnih elemenata vazduhoplova [1]
    Algoritam za određivanje biofizičkog stanja epitelnog tkiva na bazi spektroskopije [1]
    Algorithm for spectroscopy based detection of epithelial tissue biophysical state : doctoral dissertation [1]
    An open architecture control system for reconfigurable robotic machining cells [1]
    Analiza otpornosti na lom biomaterijala za veštački kuk [1]
    Analizes and syntheses of parameters algorithm for weapon [1]
    Analysis of the external stores and asymmetric loads influence on the airplane flight dynamics [1]
    Analysis of the vortex core and turbulence structure behind axial fans in a straight pipe using PIV, LDA and HWA methods [1]
    Application of robust order reduction in modeling and control of real systems and objects in mechanical engineering [1]
    Aquifer as seasonal thermal reservoir of the ground source heat pump [1]
    Bearing damage detection in ultrasonic domain [1]
    Biomimicry as a method of the high-speed train aerodynamical designing [1]
    Comparative analysis model of investment alternatives as a function of increasing energy efficiency in residential buildings [1]