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    Forest ecosystems of Serbia in the function of environmental protection from negative climate changes impact [1]
    Functional urban region – the instrument of polycentric spacial development of Serbia [1]
    Funkcionalno urbani region instrument policentričnog prostornog razvoja Srbije [1]
    Genesis, characteristics and revitalization possibilities of large-scale brownfield sites in the Republic of Srpska [1]
    Geoecological determinants of the protection and revitalization of water. [1]
    Geoecological evaluation of natural potentials of the Ravna mountain and Pale valley in the function of sustainable development [1]
    Geografski faktori kao determinante intenziteta erozije na primeru sliva Nišave [1]
    Geographical determinants of the regional development of Vojvodina [1]
    Geographical factors as erosion intensity determinants of the example of the Nišava river basin [1]
    Geoheritage Serbian Danube region in terms of sustainable tourism development [1]
    Geosystem foundations of environmental governance [1]
    Historical demographic and ethno-demographic basics for the development of population of Eastern Serbia [1]
    Infrastructural corridors and their influence on spatial development - example of corridor VII in Serbia [1]
    Innovative protected areas management models in support of the establishment and operation of the ecological network of Serbia [1]
    Kоnvеrgеntnе i divеrgеntnе dnеvnе migrаciје stаnоvništvа Pаnčеvа [1]
    Land use changes and land ownership changes from the spatial planning aspect [1]
    Legal institute of spatial and urban plans endorsement in Serbia [1]
    Monitoring changes of use of agricultural land in the region of Al-Jafara - Libya by using remote sensing. [1]
    Natural and anthropogenic values in tourism development on Birac region example [1]
    Physical geographic factors of the water balance and the possibilities for a sustainable use of water resources in the Timok River basin [1]