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    Age as demographic determinant of household consumption in Serbia [1]
    Atmospheric circulation as a factor of spatial distribution of air temperaure and precipitation in Serbia. [1]
    Behaviour of built-up stainless steel members subjected to axial compression [1]
    Cartographic modeling of infrastructure systems in spatial planning [1]
    Changes of agrarian space in Serbia: economical-geographycal and demographycal aspects [1]
    Community-hygiene problems of public surfaces and environmental protection measures at the territory of the Belgrade settlement [1]
    Convergent and Divergent Commuting Flows of Pančevo Population [1]
    Demographic heterogeneity of Serbian border region - origin of public policy [1]
    Didactic transformation of geographical contents from 1st to 4th grade of primary education [1]
    Dynamics and possible causes of temperature and precipitation extremes in the territory of Montenegro from 1951 to 2010. [1]
    Ecoclimatic and balneological features of spa settlements in Juzna Morava basin as function of sustainable development [1]
    Forest ecosystems of Serbia in the function of environmental protection from negative climate changes impact [1]
    Functional urban region – the instrument of polycentric spacial development of Serbia [1]
    Funkcionalno urbani region instrument policentričnog prostornog razvoja Srbije [1]
    Genesis, characteristics and revitalization possibilities of large-scale brownfield sites in the Republic of Srpska [1]
    Geoecological determinants of the protection and revitalization of water. [1]
    Geoecological evaluation of natural potentials of the Ravna mountain and Pale valley in the function of sustainable development [1]
    Geografski faktori kao determinante intenziteta erozije na primeru sliva Nišave [1]
    Geographical determinants of the regional development of Vojvodina [1]
    Geographical factors as erosion intensity determinants of the example of the Nišava river basin [1]