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    Characteristics of functional morphology and ethology of Hermann's tortoises (Testudo hermanni) [1]
    Characteristics of the life history and distribution of the Egyptian vulture Neophron percnopterus in the Republic of Macedonia. [1]
    Characterization and in vitro biological activities of phenolic compounds from pea (Pisum sativum L.) [1]
    Characterization and pathways of synhronization of peripheral biological clock and steroidogenesis in rat Leydig cells [1]
    Characterization of AggLb aggregation factor from strain Lactobacillus paracasei subsp. paracasei BGNJ1-64 [1]
    Characterization of antimicrobial substances from natural isolates of Bacillus sp. for application in biological control of plant pathogenic bacteria and fungi [1]
    Characterization of extracellular proteinases of bacteria from Staphylococcus and Lactobacillus genera [1]
    Characterization of human skeletal muscle protein Ankrd2 [1]
    Characterization of molecular species of human prostate-specific antigen by on-chip immunoaffinity chromatography [1]
    Characterization of osmotically activated ion currents in the membrane of cytoplasmic droplets from Phycomyces blakesleeanus Burgeff sporangiophores. [1]
    Characterization of surface molecules from bacterial cells involved in the potential probiotic activity of natural lactobacilli isolates [1]
    Characterization of the basal promoter of the human SOX3 gene and identification of the regulatory elements responsible for the SOX3 gene induction by retinoic acid [1]
    Chemical composition and biological activity of the extracts of the freshwater sponge Ochridaspongia rotunda (Arndt, 1937) [1]
    Chromosomal, microsatellite and mitochondrial DNA variability of Drosophila subobscura population from gorges and canyons in Serbia [1]
    Chrysomelidae fauna (Coleoptera) of Obedska bara and Mt. Fruška gora [1]
    Citogenetička, palinološka i filogeografska istraživanja roda Ramonda (Gesneriaceae) na Balkanskom poluostrvu [1]
    Citokininska homeostaza i ekspresija gena uključenih u kontrolu ćelijskog ciklusa tokom procesa regeneracije kelerabe (Brassica oleracea L. var. gongylodes) in vitro [1]
    Cixiidae) and on epidemiological transmission routes of 'Candidatus Phytoplasma solani' [1]
    Cloning and molecular analysis of Pseudomonas sp. ATCC19151 sulphatase operons [1]
    Common barbel (Barbus barbus ) as a bioindicator of river sediment pollution with metals [1]