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    Taksonomija i filogenija Xeranthemum grupe (Asteraceae) - morfološki, anatomski, fitohemijski i molekularni aspekti [1]
    Taksonomski status rodova i vrsta Euaphidius mackauer i Remaudierea starý (Hymenoptera, Braconidae, Aphidiinae) na osnovu morfoloških i molekularnih analiza 28S rRNK I COI gena [1]
    Taksonomsko-faunistička studija leptira (Insecta : Lepidoptera) Fruške Gore [1]
    Taksonomsko-morfološka i molekularna studija troglobiontnih trčuljaka (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Trechinae) Karpato-balkanida Srbije [1]
    Taxonomic status of genera and species of Euaphidius mackauer and Remaudierea Starý (Hymenoptera, Braconidae, Aphidiinae) based on morphological and molecular analyses of 28s rRNA and COI genes [1]
    Taxonomic, morphological and molecular study of the troglobitic ground beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Trechinae) of the Carpatho-Balkanids of Serbia [1]
    Taxonomic-faunistical study of butterflies and moths (Insecta : Lepidoptera) of mt. Fruška Gora [1]
    Taxonomy and phylogeny of the Xeranthemum group (Asteraceae) - morphological, anatomical, phytochemical and molecular aspects [1]
    The age and origin of Salvia officinalis L. (Lamiaceae) populations from the central part of the Balkan peninsula - morphometrical and molecular parameters [1]
    The application of X ray microscopy in elemental mapping of Mycobacterium avium pks12 mutant [1]
    The association of glucocorticoid receptor phosphorylation status and behavior of rats of both sexes in neuroinflammatory model of depression [1]
    The development of metabolic syndrome induced by the combination of stress and fructose enriched diet - the contribution of glucocorticoids in visceral adipose tissue and hypothalamus of female rats [1]
    The ecological study of Charophytes (Charophyceae) of standing and slow running waters of Vojvodina [1]
    The effect of carbohydrate rich diet on rat pancreas morphological and ultrastructural characteristics in experimentally induced hypothyroidism [1]
    The effect of chronic intensive training on oxidativ stress parameters and fatty acid profiles of plasma and erythrocytes in female athletes [1]
    The effect of chronic social isolation on antioxidantdefense mechanism in brain and liver of male Wistar rat [1]
    The effect of experimentally induced Type 1 diabetes and insulin replacement therapy on insulin signalling pathways in the rat heart [1]
    The effect of fructose rich diet on the expression of renin-angiostensin system components and inflamatory molecules in the rat heart: sex specific differences [1]
    The effect of ghrelin on the regulation of antioxidantenzymes and inducible nitric oxide synthase in rat liver [1]
    The effect of immunoglobulins with specificity significant for antiphospholipid syndrome on expression of characteristic proteins and invasiveness of human extravillous trophoblast in vitro [1]