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    3D optical strain and stress analysis of NURBS structures models constructed by rapid prototyping. [1]
    3d оптичка деформацијско-напонска анализа моделских NURBS структура конструисаних брзом израдом прототипа [1]
    A model for classifying building elements in the design documentation - establishment and application [1]
    A Process of planning, designing and building the urban unit 'Partisan Square' in Užice [1]
    Adaptive principles in architectural design [1]
    Aesthetic consciousness and the creative process in contemporary serbian architecture shown on the "Bulevar oslobođenja" Boulevard in Novi Sad, Serbia [1]
    Aesthetic criteria and regulation in shaping the urban landscape - the case of city of Belgrade [1]
    Application of environmental art practices in architectural design of everyday spaces [1]
    Application of glass in materialization of geometrically complex forms of architectural building envelopes. [1]
    Application of wood in residental architecture of Bosnia and Herzegovina from the pontview of environmental safety of buildings [1]
    Application optimality of numerical methods for formfinding of the preliminary and deformed geometry of membrane structures [1]
    Architectonic comfort in early childhooh spaces. [1]
    Architectural communication forms of cultural centers in Montenegro in the second half of the twentieth century [1]
    Architectural competition practice and the issue of the autonomy of architecture [1]
    Architectural drawing in the research of Đorđe Petrović between 1971 and 1989 [1]
    Architectural model of queer space: case study of Belgrade [1]
    Architecture as an assemblage of concept and percept [1]
    Architecture in the spas of Serbia - the 19th and the first half of the 20th century [1]
    Architecture of Šara mountain villages with a particular view on the entrepreneurship of Sredačka district masons [1]
    Architecture performativity [1]