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    Taktike i pristup u self-prezentaciji i osobine ličnosti [1]
    Teachers’ personality and classroom management styles [1]
    Technical performance indicators in water supply system and development of technical measures for performance improvement in small water supply system in Serbia [1]
    Tehnički pokazatelji za ocenu stanja i predlog mera za unapređenje uspešnosti funkcionisanja manjih vodovodnih sistema u Republici Srbiji [1]
    Teorija optimalnosti i teorija metafore u svetlu muzičke i jezičke kompetencije [1]
    Teorijska i eksperimentalna analiza armiranobetonskih linijskih nosača sa polukrutim vezama [1]
    Teorijski modeli racionalnog ponašanja u savremenoj ekonomskoj nauci [1]
    The application of mathematical methods in the planning development of cluster organizations in the republic of Serbia [1]
    The choice of reconstructive procedures after total gastrectomy for gastric cancer [1]
    The clinical significance of intra-amniotic inflammation in preterm births [1]
    The comparative analysis of the results achieved in the trochanteric fracture treatment [1]
    The Corelates of Mental Health of Serbian Adolescents at Kosovo and Metohija [1]
    The determinants of cross-border mergers and aquisitions [1]
    The effects of a swimming and aquatic exercise program among children with cerebral palsy [1]
    The effects of an adapted basketball training on the specific motoric and functional abilities of adolescents with mental retardation [1]
    The effects of specific training on cardiorespiratory endurance and the contractile potential of the muscle of judo athletes [1]
    The experimental closure of the gunshot wounds by fibrin glue with antibiotics [1]
    The impact of light curing and adhesive technique on marginal adaptation of composite resins to enamel and dentin [1]
    The impact of medical treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia on sexual life, function and lower urinary tract symptoms [1]
    The importance of vitamin d levels and gene polymorphisms related with its acting in patients with multiple sclerosis [1]