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    Causes and effects of financial crises in global economy [1]
    Characteristics and interconnectedness of empathy and parenting in the adolescents with conduct disorder [1]
    Chemical composition and antioxidant activity of methanol and acetone pulp and peel extracts of selected fruit from southeast Serbia [1]
    Chemometric analysis of chemical and biological studies of pharmacologically important plants [1]
    Ciljanje inflacije kao alternativna strategija centralnih banaka [1]
    Clinical and biochemical assessment of endothelial dysfunction and inflammation in renal transplant recipients : PhD dissertation [1]
    Clinical course of ovarian carcinoma depending on patohistological and immunohistochemical characteristics [1]
    Coherent and precoherent operators [1]
    Comparative analysis of classical inference and bayesian approach in the processing of economic data [1]
    Comparative analysis of longitudinal dorsal and lateroventral dartos flap in complications prevention in surgical treatment of distal and midshaft hypospadias using snodgrass technique [1]
    Comparative analysis of parameters for multislice computed tomography and histopathological findings in lung cancer [1]
    Comparative clinic, immunologic, cytogenetic and karyometric analysis of acute leukemias [1]
    Competiting selection predictors in karate [1]
    Computation of the Hankel transform of sequences [1]
    Contribution to the solution of the stability problem of the double layered catenary systems [1]
    Correlation of global pattern, pigment distribution and colour of melanocytic nevi determined by dermoscopy to skin type and age [1]
    Daljinsko učenje u mehatronici zasnovano na primeni virtuelnih i realnih didaktičkih sistema [1]
    Definisanje i primena metode vrednovanja fleksibilnosti prostorne organizacije stana u višeporodičnim stambenim objektima [1]
    Definisanje modela revitalizacije slobodnih prostora kompleksa sa višespratnim stanovanjem u funkciji unapređenja kvaliteta života [1]
    Design and optimization of electrical contacts and thermal cutoffs [1]