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    "Diskursi o ženama Boke Kotorske: rodni identiteti (1815-2015)" [1]
    "The Discourses on Women from Boka Kotorska: Gender Identities (1815-2015)" [1]
    (Tematizacija i leva dislokacija u engleskom i srpskom jeziku) [1]
    (The Development and History of Hungarian Literature on the Territory of Bácska and Bánság) [1]
    A bácskai magyar sajtó és könyvkiadásirodalmi vetületei 1947–1952 között(Književnost u mađarskoj štampi iizdavačkoj delatnosti u Bačkoj uperiodu 1947–1952 godine) [1]
    A comparative analysis of the basic properties of structural concrete made with different types of lightweight aggregates [1]
    A comparative analysis of the results of operative treatment of inguinal hernias by the tension - free and conventional techniques [1]
    A comparative in vitro study of the carbon nanotubes on normal and cancer lung cells [1]
    A Contribution to Solving the Problem of Automated Functional Verification ofConsumer Electronic Devices with Touchscreens [1]
    A contribution to the determination of fumonisins in grain and medicinal plants in Serbia [1]
    A contribution to the investigation of divided material flow influence to the process parameters of complex shapes cold extrusion [1]
    A contribution to the kinematical synthesis of motor vehicle suspension mechanisms [1]
    A contribution to the method for detection of denial of service attacks inInternet [1]
    A Contribution to the Study of Anthropomorphic Mechanisms through their Dynamic Characteristics [1]
    A geodynamical analysis of Earth's crust movements of regional character [1]
    A hybrid software architecture for supporting the harmonic coupled finite strip method [1]
    A magyar irodalom kialakulása és története a Bácska és a Bánság területén [1]
    A Mixed Integer Linear Programming Based Approach for Optimal Placement of Different Types of Automation Devices in Distribution Networks [1]
    A Model for Assuring Satisfaction of Customer’s RequirementsAccording to ISO 9000 Series of Standards and the Needs ofSerbian Republic Economy [1]
    A model for product localization based on Internet of Things technologies [1]