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    A follow-up study of clinical characteristics, course of disease, disability, quality of life and pshychological difficulties in children and adolescents with migraine [1]
    A framework for the evaluation of land consolidation systems [1]
    A fuzzy stochastic model for rail freight car fleet sizing [1]
    A logic-based approach to similarity modeling [1]
    A method for computationally efficient simulation of power electronic converters based on the state space model and superposition of switching effects [1]
    A Method for designing domain-specific reconfigurable arrays [1]
    A methodology for redirected design of bus superstructures regarding their strength [1]
    A methodolology for the intelligent question routing systems design [1]
    A model driven development approach for the data warehouse extract, transform and load process [1]
    A model for B2B integration traffic systems [1]
    A model for classifying building elements in the design documentation - establishment and application [1]
    A model for selecting adequate set of performance indicators in production management. [1]
    A model for universal service provider resource optimization based on maesuring the efficiency of postal services providing [1]
    A model of business inteligence based on case-based reasoning and similatiry measures selection [1]
    A model of distance learning and teaching German as a foreign language; Модель заочного обучения немецкому как иностранному яазику [1]
    A model of integrated practice in initial education of pre-school teachers [1]
    A new approach in the use of microelements as tracers for identification and differentiation of natural and anthropogenic impacts in the sediments [1]
    A new approach to statistical data analysis in psychology : from rigid statistical packages to flexible systems [1]
    A new approach to study the mobility of metals and metalloids in sediments using sequential extraction [1]
    A new approach to the system reliability analysis using reverse Petri nets [1]