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    N-glikom membranskih proteina i receptora za insulin i faktore rasta slične insulinu, izolovanih iz humane placente u različitim (pato)fiziološkim stanjima [1]
    N-glycome of membrane proteins and receptors for insulin and insulin-like growth factors, isolated from human placenta at different (patho)physiological states [1]
    N-Heteroaromatic hydrazones and dihydrazones of dihydrazides carbonic and thiocarbonic acid:characterization, quantum mechanical study and biological activity. [1]
    N-heteroaromatični hidrazoni i dihidrazoni dihidrazida ugljene i tiougljene kiseline:karakterizacija, kvantnomehanička studija i biološka aktivnost [1]
    Na spor. nasl. str. Characterization of hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography system with UV and MS/MS detection in analitics and bioanalytics of olopatadine [1]
    Na spor. nasl. str. Constitutuion of NATO identity after the Cold war [1]
    Na spor. nasl. str.: [1]
    Na spor. nasl. str.: Large events radio access network model [1]
    Na spor. nasl. str.:Chemical and mechanochemical syntheses of yttrium manganite based multiferroics. [1]
    Na spor. nasl. str.:Comparative chemical and pharmacological investigation of lyophilized flower infusions of reprezentatives of the genus Filipendula Miller in Serbia [1]
    Na spor. nasl. str.:Impact of citrus flavanones on thyroid homeostasis and lipid status of old-aged rats [1]
    Na spor. nasl. str.:Improvement of methods for extraction and determination of constituting and polluting elements in coal and fly ash. [1]
    Na spor. nasl. str.:Influence of some air pollutants and meteorological parameters on concentration of weed pollen. [1]
    Na spor. nasl. str.:Magnetic properties of synthesized nanoparticles with different morphologies quantified using shape descriptors [1]
    Na spor. nasl. str.:Nickel based catalyst on silica support for hydrogenation of vegetable oils - synthesis, characterization and catalytic properties [1]
    Na spor. nasl. str.:Thermodynamic and transport properties of biodiesel and biodiesel and petro-diesel blends at high pressures. [1]
    Načini evaluacije i građenje značenja kvaliteta rada nastavnika [1]
    Naive poem of Milovan Danojlić - poetic concept and critical practice [1]
    Nanocomposites with antimicrobial properties synthesized by photoreduction of silver ions on the surface of differently shaped titanium(IV)-oxide nanocrystals deposited on textile materials. [1]
    Nanofotonski filtri za potrebe biomedicinskih uređaja [1]