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    Qualitative and quantitative assesment of biological traces in forensic DNA analysis [1]
    Qualitative behavior and exact travelling nonlinear wave solutions of the KDV equation [1]
    Quality and standards perception on the part of policy-makers in Serbia [1]
    Quality assessment of the data on death outcome among psychiatric patients [1]
    Quality assurance and cleaner production implementation in the generic pharmaceutical industry [1]
    Quality control by monitoring central tendency of nongaussian random variables [1]
    Quality evaluation of digital topographic maps [1]
    Quality management system as a factor for effetveness and efficiency improvement in adult education [1]
    Quality management system model based on complexity theory [1]
    Quality maturity model for healthcare organizations through the lens of complexity theory [1]
    Quality of bovine carcasses and meat in the function of using flax seeds in food [1]
    Quality of experience modeling of linear Internet video contents [1]
    Quality of life as predictor for choice of therapy in patients with vocal fold nodules, polyps and edema [1]
    Quality of life assesment in persons with chronic active otitis media [1]
    Quality of life assessment in children and adolescents with primary immunodeficiencies [1]
    Quality of life assessment in hospital conditions among pediatric orthopedic patients [1]
    Quality of life assessment in persons with malocclusions undergoing orthodontic treatment with fixed appliances. [1]
    Quality of life assessment in women of reproductive age treated for pathological changes in the uterine cervix [1]
    Quality of life in patients with abdominal aortic aneurysm treated with endovascular procedures [1]
    Quality of life in patients with liver cirrhosis [1]