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    Galectin-1 and functional properties of human trophoblast cells in vitro. [1]
    Galektin-1 i funkcionalna svojstva ćelija trofoblasta čoveka in vitro [1]
    Garancija projektanta i graditelja za solidnost građevine i njihova imovinska odgovornost [1]
    Gedel o aksiomatizaciji teorije skupova [1]
    Gen za veliku subjedinicu šaperonina (groEL gen) kao dodatni molekularni marker za diferencijaciju fitoplazmi srodnih 'Candidatus Phytoplasma asteris' [1]
    Gender (in)sensitivity of police discource in Serbian and English [1]
    Gender socialization of boys in contemporary families in Serbia : exploring parental attitudes and upbringing practices. [1]
    Gender stereotypes and linguistic means in the function of forming gender ideologies among children as readers of the Harry Potter novel by Joanna K. Rowling in English and Serbian ; Гендерные стереотипы и языковые средства в функции формирования гендерной идеологии детей как публики, читающей роман Гарри Поттер Джоан Роулинг на английском языке и в переводе на сербский язык [1]
    Gender stereotyping in advertisements in women's magazines - a comparative study between English and Bosniac/Croatian/Serbian speaking areas [1]
    Gender, literature and modernity in periodicals from the early 20th century: Žena/The Woman (1911-1914) and The Freewoman [1]
    Gene expression analyses of antioxidative enzymes in rats' tissues and human blood: the influence of external factors and correlation with biochemical markers of oxidative sress [1]
    General and academic vocabulary at high school age ; Общий и академический словарь в старшем школьном возрасте [1]
    Generalized plasticity model for nonlinear space frame analysis [1]
    Generating of soil in the process of bioremediation. [1]
    Generating the focal-directorial geometric forms as a designing pattern of the architectural-urban space [1]
    Generation and transport of fast hydrogen atoms in glow discharges [1]
    Generic Framework of Architectural Project: Instrumentalizing Typological Ambivalence [1]
    Genesis 2, 4b - 3, 24 in the light of Acadian literature [1]
    Genesis and circulation of groundwater of complex karst systems of Kučaj-Beljanica massif [1]
    Genesis, characteristics and revitalization possibilities of large-scale brownfield sites in the Republic of Srpska [1]