Приказ резултата 1-20 од 11070

    "Short history" of the patriarch Nikephoros : а historical analysis of the work [1]
    "ЦРНИ ЧОВЕК" – Вишемедијски уметнички пројекат [1]
    'DiLuminous P.A.I.N.T. Experiment' Digitalni, vizuelni, interaktivni, zvučni i tekstualni eksperiment sa elementima animacije [1]
    'DiLuminous P.A.I.N.T. Experiment' DiLuminous Painting Animation Interaction Noise and Text Experiment [1]
    (Agrarian politics in Yugoslavia : (1945-1953) [1]
    ...of Uruk-the-Sheepfold, композиција за камерни инструментални ансамбл, приповедача и сопран [1]
    2-alkiliden-4-oksotiazolidin-s-oksidi: sinteza, struktura i hemijse transformacije [1]
    2-alkylidene-4-oxothiazolidine s-oxides: synthesis, structure and chemical transformations [1]
    3D optical strain and stress analysis of NURBS structures models constructed by rapid prototyping. [1]
    3d оптичка деформацијско-напонска анализа моделских NURBS структура конструисаних брзом израдом прототипа [1]
    4-(bromomethyl)-1,3-dioxol-2-one as a synthetic equivalent of a hydroxyketone enolate [1]
    4-oksotiazolidin-2-alkiliden vinil-bromidi i α, α-dibrom-2-metoksiacetofenon : prekursori u sintetički korisnim transformacijama iniciranim retkim halofilnim napadom nukleofila [1]
    4-oxothiazolidine-2-alkylidene vinyl bromides and a,a-dibromo-2-methoxyacetophenone: precursors in synthetically useful transformations initiated by the rare halophilic attack of nucleophiles [1]
    A business intelligence system for mine safety management [1]
    A class of harmonic current injection based three-phase rectifiers with sinusoidal input current [1]
    A comparative analysis of the basic properties of structural concrete made with different types of lightweight aggregates [1]
    A comparative analysis of the results of operative treatment of inguinal hernias by the tension - free and conventional techniques [1]
    A consistent neuro-fuzzy inference system [1]
    A contrastive analysis of functions of prepositional constructions in Italian and cases in Serbian [1]
    A contribution to defining the parking policy depending on the level of service in the traffic network [1]