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    Attitude of the state and private forest owners towards forests as the basis for defining the model of forest management planning in Serbia [1]
    Attitudes towards learning English as a foreign language and their influence on achievement [1]
    Attributive analysis of chipped stone artifacts [1]
    Auchenorrhyncha) in the vineyards of macedonia and their role in the epidemiology of 'Candidatus Phytoplasma solani' [1]
    Auction Agregation Algorithms for Task Assignment in Wireless MultihopElectronic Sensor and Actuator Networks [1]
    Audit culture in science and higher education:the case of the Republic of Serbia 2000 - 2010. [1]
    Auditivni efekti bojevog gađanja iz automatske puške kod profesionalnih vojnih lica [1]
    Aukcijski agregacioni algoritmi za izbor izvršioca u bežičnim muti-hop mrežama elektronskih senzora i aktuatora [1]
    Austenite decomposition in medium carbon microalloyed steels : mechanism, structure and properties [1]
    Austria-Hungary and the shaping of Albania : (1896-1914) [1]
    Autentičnost cerealija i pseudocerealija – razvoj novih metoda analize brašna i gotovih pekarskih proizvoda [1]
    Authenticity of cereals and pseudocereals -development of new methods for the analysis of flour and final bakery products [1]
    Autobiografska, socijalna i poetička margina dadaizma Dragana Aleksića [1]
    Autobiografski fragmenti u srpskim spisima 20. veka [1]
    Autobiografski narativi bukovinskih Mađara u Banatu [1]
    Autobiographical narratives of Hungarians of Bukovina in Banat ; Автобиографические нарративы Буковине венгров б Банат [1]
    Autobiographical, social and poetical margin of dadaism of Dragan Aleksić [1]
    Automated diagnostic models and their influence on the reliability of technical systems [1]
    Automated generation and checking of verification conditions [1]
    Automated mapping of climatic variables using spatio-temporal geostatistical methods [1]