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    Public libraries in Serbia from year 1901. to 1918 [1]
    Public Policy in the Reduction of Poverty in Montenegro from 2000 to 2012 (sociological-political approach) [1]
    Public relations as direction of communication with groups and communities [1]
    Public relations in function of strengthening of reputation of special purpose organizations [1]
    Public sector efficiency [1]
    Public-Private Partnership in the Field of Public Security in Developed Countries with Special Reference to the Republic of Serbia [1]
    Public-private partnerships in European Union and Serbia - model, market and legal framework development [1]
    Purification of wastewater from bioethanol production process by microfiltration [1]
    Putevi izloženosti čoveka cijanotoksinima i njihov uticaj na zdravlje [1]
    Putevima Nektarija Srbina-projekat oslikavanja sakralnih spomenika na teritoriji istočne Poljske [1]
    Pyrotechnic mixtures for production of gasgenertor charges for base bleed projectiles 37 and 57 mm [1]
    Pyrrolidine derivatives in organocatalytic transformations [1]
    Qualitative and quantitative analysis of causes of construction projects failures [1]
    Qualitative and quantitative assesment of biological traces in forensic DNA analysis [1]
    Qualitative behavior and exact travelling nonlinear wave solutions of the KDV equation [1]
    Quality assurance and cleaner production implementation in the generic pharmaceutical industry [1]
    Quality assurance in radiotherapy - verificationof treatment planning system and clinicalimplementation of in vivo dosimetry [1]
    Quality control by monitoring central tendency of nongaussian random variables [1]
    Quality evaluation of digital topographic maps [1]
    Quality evaluation of wheat varieties from Vojvodina by assessing dough rheological properties [1]