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    Phenotypic changes and maintaining of genetic identity during varietal reproduction in wheat [1]
    Phenotypic characterization of oblačinska sour cherry clones [1]
    Phenotypic plasticity of ecophysiological, morfological and phenological traits of Iris variegata L. (Iridaceae) and differentiation of genotypes originating from contrasting light habitats [1]
    Phenotypic variability and polymorphism of SSR markers in NS tomato germplasm collection [1]
    Phenotyping, genotyping and susceptibility on antimicrobial drugs of Salmonella spp. isolated from slaughtered pig carcasses [1]
    Philip Hristic - diplomat and politician : (1819-1905) [1]
    Philological work of Jovan Sterija Popović [1]
    Philosophy and aestethics of the architectural concept: object of reality and object of illusion. [1]
    Phoma macdonaldii Boerema, causal agent of Phoma black stem on sunflower – population variability and sources of resistance [1]
    Phoma macdonaldii Boerema, prouzrokovač crne pegavosti stabla suncokreta – varijabilnost populacije i iznalaženje izvora otpornosti [1]
    Phoma macdonaldii Boerema, проузроковач црне пегавости стабла сунцокрета – варијабилност популације и изналажење извора отпорности [1]
    Phonation за глас и електронику [1]
    Phonemic and formative characteristics of the jargon in the Turkish language with emphasis on lexicology ; Фонологические и словообразовательные особенности жаргонизмов в турецком языке с учетом лексикографии [1]
    Phonetic and prosodic variation in connected speech [1]
    Phonetic/phonological perception and production of english monophthongs at tertiary level [1]
    Phonological awareness deficit in children with dyslexia and dysorthography [1]
    Phonon Specificities and Thermodynamics of Crystalline Nanostructures [1]
    Phonons and defect states in oxide nanomaterials [1]
    Photoacoustic response of an transmission photoacoustic configuration and analysis of resonant phenomena for two-layersamples with thermal memory [1]
    Photocatalytic activity of doped titanium(IV)-oxide in degradation processes of some pesticides [1]