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    Prognostic significance of biomarkers in patients with ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction treated by primary percutaneous coronary intervention [1]
    Prognostic significance of density of tumor buds and cytoplasmic pseudofragments in stage II colonic carcinoma [1]
    Prognostic significance of electroencephalographic findings in neonates with epileptic seizures [1]
    Prognostic significance of gdf-15 in patients with manifest deterioration of chronic heart failure. [1]
    Prognostic significance of immunohistohemical parameters and histomorphological score in assessment of degree of cervical dysplasia [1]
    Prognostic significance of myelotoxicity during chemotherapy on the survival of patients with advanced Non-small Cell Lung cancer [1]
    Prognostic significance of nucleophosmin mutations in pediatric acute leukemia [1]
    Prognostic significance of the serum levels of biochemical markers of brain injury in the early posttraumatic phase in patients with the traumatic brain injury [1]
    Prognostic significance of tumor lymphangiogenesis in patients with cutaneous melanoma [1]
    Prognostic significance of tumor regression grade and epidermal growth factor receptor in locally advanced squamous cell esophageal cancer treated with neoadjuvant chemoradiation [1]
    Prognostic significans of molecular markers, clinical and pathological parameters in patients operated for early rectal cancer [1]
    Prognostic study of acute ishemic stroke [1]
    Prognostic value of central venous oxygen saturation and lactate level after surgery of thе abdominal aorta. [1]
    Prognostic value of electromechanical function of left atrium for appearance of recurent atrial fibrilation treated with radiofrequent therapy [1]
    Prognostic value of heat shock protein (HSP) levels in patients with severe trauma and in critically ill patients [1]
    Prognostic value of neurophysiological and neuropsychological indicators in detecting risks of speech development in preschool children [1]
    Prognostic value of NT pro BNPTI in patients with acute myocardial infarction without heart failure [1]
    Prognostic value of peritumoral edema and angiogenesis in intracranial meningioma surgery [1]
    Prognostic value of protein HMGB1 in a diffuse secondary peritonitis [1]
    Prognostic value of ultrasonogrphic findings of hands and feet joints in structural damage progression in patients with early reumathoid arthritis [1]