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    Optimization of agricultural production on family farms in Toplicki district [1]
    Optimization of antagonists of storage apple pathogens biosynthesis by Streptomyces hygroscopicus [1]
    Optimization of bucket wheel excavator cutting parameters at mining of materials with increased strength [1]
    Optimization of cattle production based on multiple criteria in the Republic of Srpska [1]
    Optimization of chokeberry extraction, Aronia melanocarpa (Michx.) Elliott, extract microencapsulation by electrostatic extrusion and spray drying methods [1]
    Optimization of cognitive systems with controlled interference level by using multi-antenna techniques with adaptive power control [1]
    Optimization of construction design parameters of low-frequency reactors [1]
    Optimization of construction measures for reducing heating energy demand in residential buildings [1]
    Optimization of conversion models for the calculation of the intensity of soil erosion based on activities of radioisotope 137cs [1]
    Optimization of enzymatic processes in order to obtain egg white protein hydrolysates as a functional food component applying the high-intensity ultrasound technology [1]
    Optimization of enzyme production of fatty acid methyl esters [1]
    Optimization of ethanol production from intermediate products of sugar beet technology [1]
    Optimization of excavation-transportation systems in the surface mine planning function. [1]
    Optimization of extraction and characterization of Urtica dioica L. leaf extract for the evaluation of dose-dependent response in experimental hypertension [1]
    Optimization of extraction and determination of neonicotinoids using liquid chromatography in selected samples [1]
    Optimization of feed mixing process in the vertical and hoop mixer [1]
    Optimization of fire risk management models in the institutions for the enforcement of criminal sanctions in the Republic of Serbia [1]
    Optimization of fruit drying in vacuum [1]
    Optimization of hydrothermal carbonization process of grape pomace and application of obtained hydrochar [1]
    Optimization of laser parameters in interaction with biomaterials [1]