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    Model multidisciplinarnog pristupa u korišćenju obnovljivih izvora energije [1]
    Model objektno orijentisane klasifikacije u identifikaciji geoprostornih objekata [1]
    Model održivog upravljanja aerozagađenjem u urbanim sredinama [1]
    Model održivog upravljanja električnim i elektronskim otpadom u Srbiji [1]
    Model of a Management Information System For Graphic Processes [1]
    Model of a system for adaptive mobile language learning [1]
    Model of accreditation and quality assurance in higher education in Libya [1]
    Model of Adaptive System for Continuous Monitoring and Performance Prediction of Distributed Applications [1]
    Model of adaptive web based learning system [1]
    Model of Assessment of Environmental Impact of Toxic Chemicals from Hygiene and Cleaning Products [1]
    Model of brand processes management using lean concept [1]
    Model of choosing virtualisation technologies for building cloud systems [1]
    Model of corporate controlling as an instrument of industrial system [1]
    Model of distance learning as a factor of efficiencyof graphic communication teaching at universitylevel education of technical vocations [1]
    Model of distance learning programming language Pascal [1]
    Model of e-learning infrastructure based on the Internet of things [1]
    Model of effective organization and management of the mountainus tourist area [1]
    Model of evaluating the impact of traffic flows and meteorological parameters at concentration levels of hazardous carbon monoxide [1]
    Model of geodetic measurement with modern acquisition techniques [1]
    Model of geosensor network for real-time monitoring of terrain and objects [1]