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    Model efektnosti tipografije u štampanim oglasima [1]
    Model efikasnosti i smanjenja troškova u savremenim proizvodnim sistemima [1]
    Model energetskog iskorišćenja deponijskog gasa na deponijama sa recirkulacijom koncentrata i procedne vode [1]
    Model finansiranja obrazovanja kao značajan instrument u realizaciji strategije razvoja visokog obrazovanja [1]
    Model for alocation of railway infrastructure capacity with hybrid auctions : doctoral dissertation [1]
    Model for building quality systems in special libraries [1]
    Model for business results improvement of small and medium-sized enterprises [1]
    Model for capacity calculation of left turn manoeuvre from priority approach at unsignalized intersections [1]
    Model for creditworthiness assessment based on analytical indicators [1]
    Model for defining passenger flow characteristics on urban public transport line [1]
    Model for delivery planning of supplier in supply chains in the automotive industry [1]
    Model for efficiency estimation based on the integration of Ivanovic distance and data envelopment analysis [1]
    Model for environmental assessment of single family houses in Belgrade area [1]
    Model for evaluating municipal waste management system applying themethod of life cycle assessment [1]
    Model for evaluation оf measuring results of powder materials’ characteristics based on electron microscopy [1]
    Model for Forecasting and Assessment of Construction Cost of Reinforced-Concrete Bridges [1]
    Model for improvement of the integrated management system based on risk [1]
    Model for integration eco–chemical educational content into the curriculum of chemistry and vocational subjects in secondary vocational education [1]
    Model for maintenance management in buildings [1]
    Model for management of environmental impacts from flooring's production processes by the application of life cycle assessment (LCA) [1]