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    Non-destructive characterisation of archaeological ceramic artefacts and sourcing the origin using pattern recognition methods [1]
    Non-finite Verbal Complements in the English language and their Translation Equivalents in the Serbian Language [1]
    Non-negative matrix factorization for integrative clustering [1]
    Non-parametric generation of stochastic hydrologic time series [1]
    Non-prominal adverbs with spatial meaning in modern Russian and Serbian languages [1]
    Non-rigid registration of sculptured surfaces in Internet environment [1]
    Non-standard speech in Swedish and Serbian: comparative sociolinguistic and semantic study [1]
    Noncemented total hip endoprosthesis implantation efficiency after previous Chiari pelvic osteotomy [1]
    Nondestructive evaluation of the thermophysics properties materials by IR thermography [1]
    Noninvasive research of arterial splanchnic circulation in liver cirrhosis:correlation with serum nitric oxide (NO) and ammonia [1]
    Nonlinear analysis of laminated composite plates and shells with delaminations using finite element method [1]
    Nonlinear dynamical analysis of the physical processes in the environment [1]
    Nonlinear dynamical modeling of seismic events induced by stress change due to excavation of horizontal underground chambers [1]
    Nonlinear dynamics of ac + dcdriven Frenkel-Kontorova model [1]
    Nonlinear rolling of ships due to wind and waves [1]
    Nonlinear stability analysis of the frame structures [1]
    Nonlinear thermo-mechanical analysis of the behavior of reinforced concrete frame structures subjected to fire [1]
    Nonmarital fertility in Serbia from the mid-20th century [1]
    Normative-stylistic aspects of culture of expression in secondary school students [1]
    Normativno-stilistički aspekti kulture izražavanja srednjoškolaca [1]