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    Language properties of Italian postmodern internet advertising; Языковые особености италиянского постмодернистского рекламирования на интернете [1]
    Language, gender, difference: the construction/deconstruction of identity in (post)feminist theory [1]
    Larvae of Chironomidae family (Diptera, Insecta) in Southern Morava river basin and their application in assessing the ecological status of lotic systems [1]
    Larve familije Chironomidae (Diptera, Insecta) sliva Južne Morave i njihova primena u proceni ekološkog statusa tekućih vodenih ekosistema [1]
    Laser modification of aluminium-titanium and nickel-titanium thin layers [1]
    Late ancient toponymy in Macedonia and Thessaly in Procopius' De aedificiis [1]
    Late medieval cults of saints in the Central Balkans [1]
    Late roman villa rustica in Serbia [1]
    Lathe tool life research in production environment during the orthogonal cutting [1]
    Latinophony in Late Roman Dalmatia as reflected in the Letters of Pope Gregory I [1]
    Lattice-valued intuitionistic preference structures and applications [1]
    Law on challenging of debtor's legal actions [1]
    LDL transport in isolated rabbit carotid before and during atherosclerosis [1]
    Leaching mechanism of polymetallic pb-zn-cu concentrates using sulphuric acid in the presence of selected oxidant [1]
    Leadership and Learning Organization [1]
    Lean implementation model for improving operational performance of non-repetitive manufacturing systems [1]
    Lean system application model in durable goods retail [1]
    Lease Contract of Commercial Buildings and Premises [1]
    Leasing as a form of financing economic development in Montenegro [1]
    Left ventricular function and circadian rhythm of the arterial blood pressure in gestational hypertension [1]