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    A critical approach to the content of textbooks for Spanish as a second language in serbia from gender perspective ; Критический подход к содержанию учебников испанского языка как иностранного языка в сербии с точки зрения рода ; Aproximación crítica a los contenidos de libros de texto de español como lengua extranjera en serbia desde la perspectiva de género [1]
    A defense of creativiy: William Blake in contemporary criticism, pedagogy and art [1]
    A follow-up study of clinical characteristics, course of disease, disability, quality of life and pshychological difficulties in children and adolescents with migraine [1]
    A framework for the evaluation of land consolidation systems [1]
    A fuzzy stochastic model for rail freight car fleet sizing [1]
    A geodynamical analysis of Earth's crust movements of regional character [1]
    A hybrid software architecture for supporting the harmonic coupled finite strip method [1]
    A Lexicon of the Serbian Speech of Prizren [1]
    A logic-based approach to similarity modeling [1]
    A magyar irodalom kialakulása és története a Bácska és a Bánság területén [1]
    A method for computationally efficient simulation of power electronic converters based on the state space model and superposition of switching effects [1]
    A Method for designing domain-specific reconfigurable arrays [1]
    A methodology for redirected design of bus superstructures regarding their strength [1]
    A methodolology for the intelligent question routing systems design [1]
    A Mixed Integer Linear Programming Based Approach for Optimal Placement of Different Types of Automation Devices in Distribution Networks [1]
    A model driven development approach for the data warehouse extract, transform and load process [1]
    A Model for Assuring Satisfaction of Customer’s RequirementsAccording to ISO 9000 Series of Standards and the Needs ofSerbian Republic Economy [1]
    A model for B2B integration traffic systems [1]
    A model for classifying building elements in the design documentation - establishment and application [1]
    A model for including fish communities in biotic indices and its role in assessing the water quality and ecological status of lotic systems [1]