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    Investigation of passenger's oscillatory comfort in the bus with respect to the seat position and quality [1]
    Investigation of phase equilibria and characterization of alloys in the Bi-Cu-Ni system [1]
    Investigation of phase equilibria and thermodynamic analysis of shape memory alloys in Cu-Al-Ag and Cu-Al-Au systems [1]
    Investigation of phenolic acids content andantioxidant activity during malt and beer production [1]
    Investigation of plasmonic nanostructures using spectroscopic ellipsometry [1]
    Investigation of predictors of hepatitis b vaccination status in persons employed in healthcare institutions [1]
    Investigation of presence and serotype affiliation of Streptococcus suis species in samples originating from pigs [1]
    Investigation of professional stress at emergency physicians and psychiatrists [1]
    Investigation of properties of fresh and hardened self-compacting concrete with mineral additions based on industrial by-products [1]
    Investigation of radon emanation, exhalation and measuring [1]
    Investigation of respiratory chain elements in fungus Phycomyces blakesleeanus: connecton with metabolism of phosphate compounds [1]
    Investigation of selected phytogenic growth stimulators on production results and quality of broiler meat [1]
    Investigation of selected textile colors and heavy metals removal from waste water using aminofunctionalized macroporous polymers based on glycidyl methacrylate [1]
    Investigation of silicon carbide based high voltage and high power electronics components [1]
    Investigation of stability of 12-tungstophosphoric, 12-tungstosilicic and 12-molybdophosphoric acid in solutions [1]
    Investigation of Stark broadening regularities within isoelectron sequence lithium and sodium. [1]
    Investigation of structural effects on the anticonvulsant activity of 3,5-disubstituted-5-phenylhydantoins by the linear solvation relationship method [1]
    Investigation of superconductivity in graphene and related materials using AB-initio methods [1]
    Investigation of the antimicrobial and antioxidant activities of the extracts of three selected plant species of the genus Daphne [1]
    Investigation of the effect of acclimation on the concentration of stress hormones and hemostatic factors in serum of soldiers exposed to heat stress in physical activity [1]