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    Histološke odlike mukoze želuca svinja u različitim uslovima uzgoja [1]
    Histopathologic assessment of tumor regression in non-small cell lung cancer after neoadjuvant therapy [1]
    HIstopathological evaluation of the lacrimal sac wall incisional biopsy specimens obtained during external dacryocystorhinostomy [1]
    Histopatološka analiza uzoraka dobijenih inicizionom biopsijom zida suzne kese tokom spoljašnje dakriocistorinostomije [1]
    Historic-theological analysis of Serbian printed leitourgiars from the XVI century [1]
    Historical aspects of the methodology of scientific research in sport and physical education [1]
    Historical demographic and ethno-demographic basics for the development of population of Eastern Serbia [1]
    Historical development and future of a city in Europe under the influence of the military technologies [1]
    Historical-canonic aspects of the relation between Karlovac ecclesiastical authority of Russian ortdodox church outside of Russia and Moscow Patriarchate [1]
    History and fiction in Kazuo Ishiguro's novels [1]
    History and fiction in the novels of Don Delillo; История и вымысел в романах Дона Делилло [1]
    History and human destiny in dramatic works [1]
    History and politics in the novels of Nadine Gordimer; История и политика в романах Надин Гордимер [1]
    History in George Bernard Shaw’s Dramatic Works: Context, Text, and Metatext [1]
    History, Trauma, and Quest in the Works by Barbusse, Malaparte, Japrisot, and Baricco [1]
    Holistic approach to identifying the factors that influence performances of the construction projects in Libya [1]
    Holistički pristup identifikaciji faktora koji utiču na performanse građevinskih projekata u Libiji [1]
    Holomorfno projektivna preslikavanja generalisanih hiperboličkih Kelerovih prostora i uopštenja [1]
    Homocysteine research as an atherosclerosis marker in patients with metabolic syndrome [1]
    Homodiegetic narration in the Serbian novel ; Гомодиегетическое повествование в сербском романе. [1]