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    Hunting tourism in the protected areas of Vojvodina Province [1]
    Hybrid identity in novels by Graham Swift and Hanif Kureishi ; Гибридная идентичность в романах Грэма Свифта и Ханифа Курейши [1]
    Hybrid model of product lifecycle cost management [1]
    Hybrid parallel algorithms for solving nonlinear Schrödinger equation [1]
    Hydrides of transition metal alloys (group IV metals with Ni and Fe) – from the electronic structure to hydrogen storage applications [1]
    Hydrodynamic Loads on the Evacuation Facilities of Hydraulic Structures. [1]
    Hydrodynamics and mass transfer of an airlift reactor with inserted membrane [1]
    Hydrogen alkaline fuel cell with poly(vinyl alcohol) membrane and silver catalyst. [1]
    Hydrogeochemical characteristics and water quality of the Trebišnjica river catchment, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina [1]
    Hydrogeochemical valorization of essential microelements in mineral waters of Serbia [1]
    Hydrogeochemistry of natural radioactive elements in the groundwater of Serbia. [1]
    Hydrogeoecological conditions for black lignite and hard coal extraction in Serbia [1]
    Hydrogeological aspects of coal exploitation in Pelagonia basin (Macedonia) [1]
    Hydrogeological conditions of forming carbonated mineral water of Serbia [1]
    Hydrogeothermal resources of serbian crystalline core [1]
    Hydrogeothermal resources of the Belgrade city area [1]
    Hydrologic and psamologic effects of erosion control works on the torrential sub-basins of the South Morava [1]
    Hydrological droughts in the basin of Velika Morava [1]
    Hyers-Ulam stability of the solutions of differential equations [1]
    Hypothyroidism as a factor of heart failure in elderly people [1]