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    Forensic analysis and modelling of characetristics of crater emerged from thesurface explosion of brisant explosive [1]
    Forensic significance of the contemporary diagnostic methods in determining deads of opoid addicted persons [1]
    Forenzičko računovodstvo - sredstvo zaštite kvaliteta finansijskog izveštavanja [1]
    Forest ecosystems of Serbia in the function of environmental protection from negative climate changes impact [1]
    Forest protected area management in Serbia and realisation of conservation objectives [1]
    Forest soils of Javor mountain in the Republic of Srpska [1]
    Forest types in the virgin forest Perucica [1]
    Forest types of Мt. Кopaonik as an ecological basis of real management planning - sustainable management of forest ecosystems [1]
    Formal and informal education and professional status of female journalists in Vojvodina - gender perspective [1]
    Formal verification of a software transactional memory based on timed automata [1]
    Formalization and automation of Euclidean geometry [1]
    Formalization of various geometry models and applications in verification of automated theorem provers [1]
    Formalna verifikacija softverske transakcione memorije zasnovane na vremenskim automatima [1]
    Formalno i neformalno obrazovanje i profesionalni status novinarki u Vojvodini - rodna perspektiva [1]
    Formation and characterization of alloys obtained through underpotential deposition of aluminum onto zirconium, palladium and vanadium from aluminum (III) chloride and sodium chloride equimolar melts. [1]
    Formation and development of pedagogical beliefs, attitudes and knowledge: pre-service and in-service foreign language teachers in Serbia and Great Britain ; Формирование и развитие педагогических убеждений, взглядов и знаний: будущие и действующие учителя иностранных языков в Сербии и Великобритании [1]
    Formation and identification of customary international norm : jurisprudence of International Court of Justice [1]
    Formation of cobalt(II) halide complexes in molten mixtures of inorganic salts with polar organic compounds [1]
    Formation of dark-state polaritons and two-polariton bound states in arrays of atoms and optical cavities [1]
    Formation of lithium halides clusters of the type linx (x=f,i, n=2-6) by Knudsen cell placed into ionization chamber of mass spectrometer and determination of their properties. [1]