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    Functional and biological properties of enzymatically modified wheat gluten [1]
    Functional and immunophenotypic characteristics of NK cells from regional lymph nodes of melanoma patients and their in vitro activation with IL-2 and IL-15 [1]
    Functional and imperative reactive programming based on a generalization of the continuation monad in the C++ programming language [1]
    Functional characteristics of the fermented tea beverage enriched with CoffeBerry® [1]
    Functional characteristics of vegetablefat/maltodextrin gel blends as a component for low calorie confectionery fat fillings [1]
    Functional characterization of the CmbT transporter responsible for multidrug resistance on structurally different substrates of the strain Lactococcus lactis subsp. cremoris MG1363 [1]
    Functional magnetic resonance imaging in the diagnosis of diabetic nephropathy in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus [1]
    Functional materials based on electrospun nanofibers [1]
    Functional norm regularization for margin-based ranking on temporal data [1]
    Functional properties and possibility of application of whey protein hydrolysates obtained by biotechnological processing [1]
    Functional proteomics of Arion vulgaris and Drosophila melanogaster by mass spectrometry approach [1]
    Functional traits and species distribution modelling of hoverflies (Diptera:Syrphidae) in Southeast Europe in assessment of extinction risk [1]
    Functional urban region – the instrument of polycentric spacial development of Serbia [1]
    Functional, biochemical and histological changes in cardiovascular system of rat under conditions of acute and subchronic methionine stimulation [1]
    Functional, biochemical and histological changes in rat digestive tract in acute hyperhomocysteinemia or subchronic methionine stimulation [1]
    Functional-semantic field of perfect in Russian and Serbian languages ; Функционально-семантическое поле перфектности в русском и сербском языках [1]
    Functionality and pattern of signaling pathways of Leydig cells in adult rats after administration of anabolic androgenic steroids [1]
    Functionality of chitosans in formulation of alginate-chitosan microparticles as drug carriers for nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs [1]
    Functionalized materials based on carbon nanobutes [1]
    Functioning of health care, justice and social welfare system to protect children from abuse and neglect [1]