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    Evaluation of selected virulence factors in Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolates and their susceptibility to silver complexes [1]
    Evaluation of spectral analysis of intraocular pressure measured by dynamic contour tonometry in primary and exoliative glaucoma [1]
    Evaluation of stress response in children after laparoscopic appendectomy in different types of anesthesia [1]
    Evaluation of success in children with hearing impairment in regular schools [1]
    Evaluation of surgical methods in the treatment of gastroschisis [1]
    Evaluation of test for the assessment of knee flexorʹs neuromuscular function following the anterior cruciate ligament injury [1]
    Evaluation of the antimalarial potential of novel aminoquinolines in vitro and in vivo [1]
    Evaluation of the correlative-integrativeapproach in teaching environmental educationcontent [1]
    Evaluation of the effect of the therapy with insulin analogues on oxidative stress in patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus [1]
    Evaluation of the effect of venous stasis in the brain on the short-term outcome of the acute ischaemic strokе [1]
    Evaluation of the effects of different diets on the morphophynctional characteristics induced by physical activity and markers of oxidative stress and inflammatory response in young athletes [1]
    Evaluation of the importance of modified ultrafiltration in pediatric cardiac surgery. [1]
    Evaluation of the method for the assessment of hand function in the manipulation tasks [1]
    Evaluation of the methods for assessing the relationship between risk factors and outcomes from cohort studies and case-control studies: Systematic review with meta-analysis [1]
    Evaluation of the parameters of importance for quality of life of laryngectomized patients. [1]
    Evaluation of the polymorphisms in genes encoding cytokines and immunosupressive drug transporters and metabolizing enzymes in acute kidney rejection. [1]
    Evaluation of the quality of life of patients with epilepsy and patients with physchogenic non-epileptic seizures [1]
    Evaluation of the siopen semi-quantitative scoring system in planar simpatico-adrenal MIBG scintigraphy in children with neuroblastoma [1]
    Evaluation on two different models for the estimation of physical fitness and motorical skills of pupils from the area of Bosnia and Herzegovina [1]
    Evaluation performance of ballistic movements - variables for assessement the accuracy and kicking velocity [1]