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    Extensible Java based agent framework [1]
    Extensible Multimedia Information Retrieval System [1]
    Extensible software platform for managing curriculum in internationalized higher education [1]
    Extract of the talus of Usnea barbata (L.) Weber ex F. H. Wigg., Parmeliaceae in the emulsion vehicles stabilized with biodegradable emulsifiers: preformulation and formulation investigations [1]
    Extraction and analysis of complex networks from different domains [1]
    Extraction and physico- chemical characterization of grape seed oils obtained from red grape varieties [1]
    Extraction from curry plant (Helichrysum italicum) and impregnation of solid carries with the extract using supercritical carbon dioxide [1]
    Extraction of basil by supercritical carbon dioxide (Ocimum basilicum L.) and modeling of the extraction system [1]
    Extraction of Ginkgo biloba carbon (IV) –oxide under pressure [1]
    Extraction, content, activity and possible applications of selected mushroom species [1]
    Extraordinary legal remedies in criminal proceedings [1]
    Extreme values in sequences of independent random variables with mixed distributions [1]
    Extruded flakes product supplemented with sunflower and dry residue of wild oregano [1]
    Eysenckʼs dimensions of personality and level of maturity of women engaged in prostitution [1]
    ezik i književnost Roma u prevodu na Zapadnom Balkanu : poezija u autoprevodu ; Язык и литература Роми в переводе в Западных Балканах: поэзия в автопреводе [1]
    Éléments de civilisation francophone dans l’enseignement du FLE (Elementi frankofone civilizacije u nastavi francuskog kao stranog jezika) [1]
    Facial Soft-tissue Structure Changes After Orthodontic Treatment of Class II Malocclusions [1]
    Facing history : French memoirs abouth the 1789-1799 Revolution [1]
    Factor analysis and association of lipid, inflammatory, cardiac and renal biomarkers with creactive protein in cardiovascular risk categorization [1]
    Factoring bivariate polynomials with integer coefficients via Newton polygon and its application in decoding of some classes of Reed – Solomon codes [1]