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    Coupled neural networks and numeric models for flyrock safe distance definition [1]
    Coupled transverse and longitudinal vibrations of Euler-Bernoulli and Timoshenko beams of functionally graded materials [1]
    Course and outcome of treatment of patients with advanced stage of ovarian cancer in the Republic of Srpska [1]
    Courts of the dynasties Obrenovic and Karadjordjevic in Serbia [1]
    Craft production in medieval Serbia [1]
    Cranial defect reconstruction: arteficial materials and autograft [1]
    Craniofacial changes in patients with skeletal class II treated with appliance with screws for mesial shift of the lower jaw [1]
    Craniofacial growth in Turner syndrome patients [1]
    Creating a brand of organic agricultural-food products in the Republic of Serbia [1]
    Creating a model information system for human resource management in businesssystems [1]
    Creative processes and possible outputs of architectural practices;Case study: Novi Sad 1980-2010 [1]
    Creative workshops in school library ; Креативные мастерские в школьной библиотеке [1]
    Creativity and restrictiveness in the lexicon of the meritime English [1]
    Credit Risk Management For Key Account Clients at the Commercial Banking – Serbia Case Study [1]
    Crimes against the rights and freedoms of person and citizen with elements of coercion [1]
    Criminal intelligence models of police organization in crime control. [1]
    Criminal law reaction on terrorism [1]
    Criminal liability of legal persons [1]
    Criminal offenses against official duty with special reference to abuse of office [1]
    Criminal offenses against property with elements of coercion [1]