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    Crossover from three-dimensional to two-dimensional systems and impact of number of neighbours on critical behaviour of the nonequlibrium zero-temperature random field ising model [1]
    Crtež kao sredstvo vizuelnog istraživanja u zapadnoevropskoj umetnosti od 1871. do 1900. [1]
    Crystal structure and electrical properties of BaTi1-xSnxO3 and CaCu3Ti4-xRuxO12 perovskites materialas. [1]
    Crystallization and sinterability of lanthanum-strontium-borate-glass powders [1]
    Crystallization behaviour of multicomponent germanate glasses [1]
    Crystallization kinetics and microstructural changes of thermally treated iron-based amorphous alloys [1]
    Crystallographic study of the structural dissymmetrization of the garnets of grossullar-andradite isomorphous series. [1]
    Culinary lexis in contemporary Serbian literary language ; Кулинарная лексика в современном сербском литературном языке [1]
    Culinary terminology in French, Italian andSerbian phraseology [1]
    Culinary terminology of Vojvodina [1]
    Cultural aspects of the conceptualization of prototypical emotions in English [1]
    Cultural conceptualization of health risks as a mean of social control in a case of legal regulation of alcohol and tobacco use in contemporary Serbia. [1]
    Cultural differences in the motives of using Social Networks [1]
    Cultural peculiarities of the Philippines during the Spanish colonial era ; Культурологические особенности Филиппин в испанском колониальном периоде [1]
    Cultural policy in Serbia - anthropological perspective [1]
    Cultural revival of Serbs in northern Dalmatia 1848-1914. [1]
    Cultural routes and improvement of conservation and presentation of medieval sacral heritage in Serbia [1]
    Culture and citizenship - an anthropological perspective [1]
    Cumulative effects of exploitation of multilingual corpora in second language teaching; Кумуляативный действия эксплуатации многоязычныя корпуса в обучения иностранныя языка [1]
    Curing of urea-formaldehyde adhesive for particleboards in the presence of some domestic wood species [1]