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    Creativity and restrictiveness in the lexicon of the meritime English [1]
    Credit Risk Management For Key Account Clients at the Commercial Banking – Serbia Case Study [1]
    Crimes against the rights and freedoms of person and citizen with elements of coercion [1]
    Criminal intelligence models of police organization in crime control. [1]
    Criminal law reaction on terrorism [1]
    Criminal liability of legal persons [1]
    Criminal offenses against official duty with special reference to abuse of office [1]
    Criminal offenses against property with elements of coercion [1]
    Criminological aspects of the exceeding and the abuse of police powers [1]
    Criminological profiling of offenders [1]
    Criminological, historical and legal aspects of prostitution [1]
    Crisis management in the function of the prosecution of the critical infrastructures in the transition countries [1]
    Crisis of federalism : between the dualist ideal and cooperative necessity [1]
    Critical analysis of construct and verifying convergent-discriminant validity of cultural intelligence measures [1]
    Cross-flow microfiltration modelling of yeast suspension by neural networks and response surface methodology [1]
    Cross-linguistic influence in the thirdlanguage acquisition [1]
    Crossover from three-dimensional to two-dimensional systems and impact of number of neighbours on critical behaviour of the nonequlibrium zero-temperature random field ising model [1]
    Crtež kao sredstvo vizuelnog istraživanja u zapadnoevropskoj umetnosti od 1871. do 1900. [1]
    Crystal structure and electrical properties of BaTi1-xSnxO3 and CaCu3Ti4-xRuxO12 perovskites materialas. [1]
    Crystallization and sinterability of lanthanum-strontium-borate-glass powders [1]