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    Contribution of galaxies and galaxy clusters to the diffuse gamma-ray background [1]
    Contribution of religious education to morality of young [1]
    Contribution of the Serbian Armed Forces to peacebuilding and peacekeeping in the world [1]
    Contribution to designing of microwave bandpass filters with capacitive coupled resonators [1]
    Contribution to designing theory for the actuator for rocket motor thrust vector control by flexible nozzle [1]
    Contribution to development of methodology for prediction and decision-making by applying artificial neural networks [1]
    Contribution to effective dose from beta and gamma radiation of radon and thoron progeny [1]
    Contribution to gear pairs faults identification using mechanical vibration signal analysis techniques [1]
    Contribution to mathematical modeling and dynamic analysis of a mechatronic system of control [1]
    Contribution to non-invasive diagnostic methods by adaptive approach for the detection of mitral valve prolapse in pediatrics patients [1]
    Contribution to Software Development Method based on Generalized Requirement Approach [1]
    Contribution to stady of obtaining of chemical bicomponent high-performance fibers on the basis of polysaccharides [1]
    Contribution to text categorization methods : mathematical models and applications [1]
    Contribution to the analysis and protection of systems for digital image processing [1]
    Contribution to the Characterisation and Determination of some Neonicotinoids [1]
    Contribution to the development of the methodology of optimization works and accuracy in land consolidation projects [1]
    Contribution to the development of the vehicle fleet maintenance management [1]
    Contribution to the methodology for transport policy impact assessment on road transport of goods [1]
    Contribution to the modeling of the spatial distribution of radiation inside the furnace of the pulverized coal fired boiler. [1]
    Contribution to the optimization of digital measurements performance [1]