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    Valorization of the nutritional profile of cookies produced with the addition of food industry by-products [1]
    Valuation of deferred taxes and its impact on companies' performance [1]
    Value of magnetic resonance imaging in diagnosis of congenital malformations of the brain [1]
    Value of the multidetector computed tomography in evaluation and prediction of response of esophageal cancer to the neoadjuvant chemo radiotherapy [1]
    Value of the Power Doppler ultrasound findings for diagnosis of the peripheral enthesitis in patients with spondyloarthritis [1]
    Value orientations in postsocialist societies of Serbia and Croatia [1]
    Valutna supstitucija : uzroci i posledice [1]
    Vanćelijski metabolizam adeninskih nukleotida u sinaptozomima hipokampusa pacova - polne specifičnosti i uloga ženskih polnih hormona [1]
    Vandate reduction in mycelium of fungus Phycomyces blakesleeanus Burgeff: determination of oxidation states in cell [1]
    Vanfovealno opažanje slova: specifičnosti pregomilavanja [1]
    Vanilin kao prekursor u sintezi nekih biološki aktivnih jedinjenja [1]
    Vantržišna rešenja ekoloških eksternih efekata u proizvodnji bakra u Republici Srbiji [1]
    Variability and stability of wheat genotypes for phytic acid and antioxidants content [1]
    Variability of anatomical, physiological and morphological traits of different European beech provenances in Serbia [1]
    Variability of genes involved in inflammatory, immunomodulatory and apoptotic process as a risk factor for head and neck basal cell carcinomas [1]
    Variability of genotype phenotypic expression of spinal muscular atrophy in patients from Serbia [1]
    Variability of indigenous Trichoderma spp. in different soil types and their ecological and biochemical characterization. [1]
    Variability of phenotypic and morphological characteristics of maple in natural and urban habitats [1]
    Variability of phyllochron and dry matter accumulation in different wheat and barley genotypes [1]
    Variability of red clover genotypes on the basis of agronomic traits, morphological and microsatellite markers [1]