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    Variability of phyllochron and dry matter accumulation in different wheat and barley genotypes [1]
    Variability of red clover genotypes on the basis of agronomic traits, morphological and microsatellite markers [1]
    Variability of terpene composition and morphological characteristics of Taxus baccata L. needles from Serbia [1]
    Variability of testosterone concentration evaluation and relationship to the primary and secondary sexual characteristics and behaviour of rams [1]
    Variability of traits and stability of yield and yield components of winter wheat [1]
    Variable Formulation and Neighborhood Search Methods for the Maximum Clique Problem in Graph [1]
    Variable neighborhood search for solving discrete location problems [1]
    Variants in RNA editing, serotonergic receptor 2C and tryptophan-hydroxylase 2 genes as risk factors for suicide attempt in psychiatric patients [1]
    Variation in sex ratio, sexual dimorphism, and fitness components in populations of Mercurialis perennis L. (Euphorbiaceae) along the altitudinal gradient [1]
    Variation of technological quality characteristics of wheat cultivars (Triticum aestivum L.) [1]
    Variational formulations and functional approximation algorithms in stochastic plasticity of materials [1]
    Variations of radiographic images of dental luting cements and composite posts depending on their compostion and radiographic system used [1]
    Varijabilnost anatomskih, fizioloških i morfoloških karakteristika različitih provenijencija bukve u Srbiji [1]
    Varijabilnost filohrona i akumulacije suve materije različitih genotipova pšenice i ječma [1]
    Varijabilnost gena uključenih u inflamatorne, imunomodulatorne i apoptotske procese kao faktor rizika za nastanak bazocelularnog karcinoma glave i vrata [1]
    Varijabilnost genoma humanog virusa Parvovirus B19 (Parvoviridae, Erythrovirus) [1]
    Varijabilnost genotipa i fenotipske ekspresije spinalne mišićne atrofije kod pacijenata iz Srbije [1]
    Varijabilnost genotipova crvene deteline na osnovu agronomskih osobina, morfoloških i mikrosatelitskih markera [1]
    Varijabilnost i stabilnost genotipova pšenice za sadržaj fitinske kiseline i antioksidanasa [1]
    Varijabilnost mikrosatelitskih lokusa X hromozoma u populaciji Vojvodine [1]