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    C-reaktivni protein određen visokosenzitivnom metodom i lipidni biomarkeri u predikciji razvoja i progresije periferne arterijske bolesti kod pacijenata sa tipom 2 dijabetesa [1]
    Cadmium effect on growth and biochemical traits of Gypsy moth larvae (Lymantria dispar L.) [1]
    Cadmium effects on antioxidative defense system and on variability of fitness-related traits in Lymantria dispar L. gipsy moth [1]
    Calculation of soil erosion intensity in Polimlje (Montenegro and Serbia) and Širindareh basin (Iran) using the WIntErO model [1]
    Canadian Impact on Conflict Resolution in the Western Balkans (1991-1999) [1]
    Capabilities of armed forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina in assisting civil authorities in civil emergencies [1]
    Capacities of Montenegro in the response to regional security threats [1]
    Capacity of digital technology in development of an inclusive society [1]
    Capacity speech of people with tumors of the vocal folds [1]
    Capasity for inheritance in serbian lаw [1]
    Cardiac biomarkers as predictors of severity and mortality in patients with exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease [1]
    Cardiac safety assessment in methadone use in opiate addicts during methadone maintenance treatment [1]
    Cardiac surgery operative risk assessment in patients with impaired systolic left ventricular function using cardial biomarkers [1]
    Cardiotoxic effects of chemotherapy in patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer [1]
    Cardiovascular drugs in outpatient conditions in Novi Sad [1]
    Cartographic generalization of categorical maps using GIS [1]
    Cartographic generalization of categorical maps using GIS [1]
    Cartographic modeling of infrastructure systems in spatial planning [1]
    Cases and prepositional case constructions with qualitative meaning in contemporary serbia literary language (semantico-syntactic analysis); Падежи и предложно-падежные конструкции качественного значения в современном сербском литературном языке (семантик [1]
    Catalytic and non-catalytic methanolysis of triglycerides: Reaction kinetic and process simulation [1]